Thursday, January 9, 2014

Un Jour á Paris

Between Berlin and Tangier, I had a one-day layover in Paris. In the past, I’ve had kinda mixed feelings about this city. My first time I found the general population cold and distant, while the air was filled with a false promise of romance.

The second time was near the end of my 9-month euro-trip and I met up with my mom for the week. Seeing the city through her eyes showed me a place filled with beauty and sweet nostalgia- much better than the previous visit.

This time, in just 20 hours, I experienced what can only be described in the most cliché sense as the “magic” of the city. I walked along the Seine, had a coffee in a sidewalk café where I successfully flirted with the waiter in French (a sure sign your skills are improving), walked a little more in the light rain, devoured a giant crepe with nutella (had to), browsed for an hour in Shakespeare & Co, and had a lovely glass of wine with an old friend. It seriously couldn’t get any better.

In conclusion: Paris is what you make it. It completely depends on your mindset when you arrive, and with only a tiny chunk of time, I was determined to make it perfection.

Damn, Paris, did you make me a romantic?


  1. These photos of Paris are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for making the most of a single day in Paris.