Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fjörds Forever

How do I even begin to describe the rest of my time in Iceland? I was only in there for a total of 10 days, but that proved to be plenty of time to tumble head-over-heels in love with the place.

After that day trip to Vik, not even my slogging jet lag could stop me from getting on the road again the next day with my newfound travel friends.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Iceland Without a Plan: Days 1 & 2

About three weeks after getting back from my last trip in May, I bought a one-way ticket to Reykjavik. A month later, I booked five days in a hostel. And that was it. I did no research. I booked no tours or busses or anything. I didn't have any contacts. I barely even glanced at a map.

Just before I left, I started to panic a little bit and felt like I should at least google stuff to do in Iceland, but I suppressed the urge and went on with the planless plan. Thank goodness I did that. Because you know what? Coming to Iceland without an itinerary has developed itself into some of the best travel experiences I've ever had.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Blog, New Adventure

Well here we go again.

You would think that the more you keep leaving places, the easier it gets. And in some ways, it does get better. This time around, I know more of what I'm getting myself into. I know I can handle it. I know that traveling alone doesn't mean being alone, and that is reassuring.

However, no matter what, saying goodbye is always hard. Especially to the house where you grew up, the friends you've known since you were in diapers, and even to those people you just met, but wish you had more time with. It's the trade-off you make for having awesome adventures.

Tonight, I'm flying away again, heading to a place as random for me as if I had closed my eyes, put my finger on a map and said "There. I'm going to Iceland." But why not, really? I'm of the optimistic view that everywhere in the world has something to offer. And I'm about to to go- without a plan, without a guide, without any kind of schedule- and figure out what Iceland has to discover.

Some people tell me I'm crazy for doing this, and maybe I am, but I'm totally okay with that. Life is more exciting with a little crazy in the mix.

So if you want to follow my crazy journey where I have no clue what I'm doing or what's going to happen, I'll keep updating this blog as often as possible, so at least you'll know I'm alive :)